Hello and Welcome to the technology cocktail blog.

In this blog, we will not concentrate on a specific subject. However we will try to concentrate our thinking and our effort to the complete views of science, and engineering aspects that when integrating together gives us the complete recipe of technology.

The blog ideology will be anti-separation of subjects it deals with.

Moreover we will try as much as we can to track the possibilities of deconstructing and constructing the subject in concern, so that we end up with a new explaining model that is informative and illustrative in its content on the inside and outside level.

For the sake of this aim, this blog will not be a demonstration of the strong skills of its writers, but will be a guide to the best solution the writers think about based on their expertise and their  point of view.

So you may ask, what will this blog really about ?!!.

Speaking on my self I will blog on Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, and Music Engineering. Also I will share news, thoughts, and my thoughts about it.

but I really wish to have others that share with me the passion of complete views not partial views that their environment force them to align with.

I’ve refused to be known by my job title nor by my ideological directions. but as myself as a human being who has a complex feelings that is not tied to the market need, or to be another “Instrumental Reason Entity”.

In this blog we will bypass the partial technical problems into a complete view technical solutions.

But we will not deceive ourselves or the reader with FINAL SOLUTIONS.

I hope that I’ve demystified the reason of this blog (at least for me).

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  1. Yassmeen

    ana geet My friend … 😀 lets make this blog a one to remember a real cocktail ..

    May the fun begin..

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